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Three Vaulter Club Girls Qualify for Winter Championships in Arcadia, California

Three Vaulter Club girls qualify for the 2017 California Winter Championships at King High School in Riverside. RESULTS (Riverside, California) The rain stayed away today, and the kids had a chilly morning, but the jumping still took place on the track. This was the second qualifying round out of four for the Winter ... More

We now Offer Long, High, and Triple Jump Lessons

Vaulter Club has focused on the sport of pole vaulting for years and has taken the time to notice that we all love a more well-rounded jumper. The team focuses on training intermediate to advanced high, long, and triple jumpers. Track and Field scholarships and won and lost through multiple sports athletes and we want to set ... More

Vaulter Club is Teaming up with Vista Murrieta High School – We’re Moving

Vaulter Magazine - Vaulter Club Inc. Teams Up with Vista Murrieta High School to Bring Bigger Jumps to the area. Vaulter Club has the main training facility in Temecula, California which they will use from time to time for some summer and winter functions. In essence, we will train out of two facilities when needed with a ... More

Sundays are for Private Lessons

Vaulter Club is dedicating their Sundays to private lessons all day long. There are many slots available for one on one private lessons through our pole vault club. Many have asked and now we have delivered! Click Here Scroll down our pole vault page and check out our new appointment section and book a spot today! No more ... More

Vaulter Club Team Calendar Available Today

Vaulter Club is very pleased to announce that we have the first ever team calendar available for 2017. A majority of the kids from the team made the 2017 calendar and there were many that will make the cut next year for sure. Buy Here More

Vaulter Club Travel Team Heads to Arizona

Vaulter Club and their travel team headed to Queen Creek, Arizona for their eighth pole vault meet for the 2016 fall and winter travel circuit. The meet was last Saturday the 17th of December in Queen Creek, Arizona at Dean Starkey's Pole Vault facility, (www.azpva.com) and it was a time to be held by all. Pole Vaulters ... More

Vaulter Magazine – Vaulter Club Travel Team Moving Right Along

The travel team circuit is flowing at full force, and they are not about to slow down at any time soon. Just finishing up meets in Temecula, Huntington Beach, Westminster, and Corona, the series now has an event at San Diego State University with college and elite athletes. A few of the elite athletes qualified and ... More

Travel Team Reaches 57 Participants

Kids just want to pole vault and love the environment. That's the buzz when you come to one of our meets here in Southern California. Growing substantially from last year, Vaulter Magazine - Vaulter Club launched their first meet for the 2016 Fall / Winter Travel Team. It was a spooky event with a Halloween themed competition... More

Vaulter Club 2016 Halloween Vault Oct 29

Come and watch NINE travel teams jump to their potential this Saturday at Chaparral High School in Temecula, California. The biggest and best from Southern California will come in their costumes and jump for the fun of the sport. This action is part of the Vaulter Club Fall / Winter Travel Team series that reaches across ... More

New Pole Vault Spikes at VS Athletics

VS Athletics just received a new order of pole vault spikes. www.vsathletics.com and use the coupon code vaultermag for 10% off your orders at this site.  The color and size of shoes are shown in the image below.   Another great source for spikes is Start Fitness in the UK  check your shoe tag for your UK size ... More