Ashley Smith


Grade - High School - Height - Weight

Grade: Junior (2017-18 school year)
School: Elsinore High School, Wildomar, California
Graduation Year: 2019
Height: 5'7 ½"
Weight: 115

BIO and Information

I will be a junior at Elsinore High School. I have attended school in Lake Elsinore Unified School District my entire life. I have an older sister who will be attending college in the fall and a younger sister attending the same high school as me. I have a Pomeranian-Yorkie dog named Snowball and also own a duck, who lives at Elsinore High School, named Fluff.

I have only been pole vaulting since December of 2016. Prior to that, the only sport I have really been involved in is volleyball. I have played club volleyball for six years of which two have been at the national level and also played for Elsinore High School.

Hobbies and Interests

I do enjoy going out with friends whether it be to the mall, or to eat, or just to hang out at someone's house. I also enjoy going to open gym and playing volleyball games or just practicing. Academically, my favorite class is sports medicine and I was one of 18 students accepted into the advanced sports medicine program for the 2017-18 school year at Elsinore High School. I also like science classes and am very good in my math classes, earning high A marks in my Algebra and Geometry courses.

States Interested in for College

My #1 choice is UCLA, but I am open to any school that has the right program for me. I would love to either play volleyball or participate in the pole vault in college. I do realize I need a lot of work in both still though to make that a reality. Even if they are Division II or III schools, I might be interested in pursuing an education through them.

Type of College Degree Interested In


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