Alyssa Fisher


Grade - High School - Height - Weight

Grade: Sophomore
School: San Dieguito Academy (SDA), Encinitas California
PR: 8'6"
4th in League for 100 meter sprint and 4x100 relay and 8th in pole vault; CIF San Diego qualifier in 100 meter sprint, 4x100 relay and pole vault
Graduation Year: 2019
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 115

BIO and Information

I have been a gymnast and soccer player since the age of 4. I have competed every year at the State and Regional level for gymnastics since 2013. I competed at Regionals for the last time this year (Spring 2017) and will now focus on track and field.

I play soccer at an elite level and helped my High School Varsity team win the Southern California Intercollegiate Federation (CIF) Division 4 Championships this year and make the State Championships Semi-final game.

Hobbies and Interests

I love the mountains and skiing. I also enjoy reading and playing guitar.

States Interested in for College

I would like to attend a college with a vibrant sports culture. I would also like to be in close proximity to the mountains and skiing. The Western region is of most interest but I'm also looking at Northeastern schools such as MA, NH and VT.

Type of College Degree Interested In

I'm interested in Engineering, particularly Biomedical Engineering. I enjoy STEM subjects and am interested in making things that will improve lives. I'm also a strong writer and enjoy music and language. I will be completing AP Spanish next year and additional Spanish courses and am interested in a Spanish study abroad opportunity.

Name Date Grade Meet Location Place
Pole Vault
Pole Vault