Come and join us for Sunday FREE pole vaulting. We will have food and drinks, music and more. Sponsored by Vaulter Magazine, Altius Poles, Gill Athletics, Fibersport Poles, VS Athletics and many more.

Everyone Loves FREE

There are a few requirements, and here they are.

  1. You have to sign our liability waiver.
  2. You have to have a current USATF Number for Insurance.
  3. You need to bring your own poles.
  4. We have coaches there, but not for teaching. If you want to be taught something, please bring your own coach.
  5. Have fun!

Now you know, please come and join us, but always write us a not before hand. There could be a rain delay or other items that may cause us to cancel. Also come at the start, if no one shows after 15 minutes, we will leave.