What We Do

We coach athletes from the following areas: San Diego County, Riverside County, Orange County, Los Angeles County, San Bernardino County. We are a Temecula Track and Field Club, Murrieta Track and Field Club, San Diego Track and Field Club for all of your pole vaulting needs.


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Vaulter Club Junior Olympics Qualifications

Soon we will start assembling our Junior Olympics Teams. Last Year we took eight (8) athletes to the meet. This year we plan to take double that amount. Stay tuned, members get priority for the teams.

Vaulter Club Kids L-R Coach Derek Bouma, Nicole Silverlake, Zack Volpe, Alexandria Gray, Stephanie Silverlake, Katrina Meier, Kaitlyn Swenson, Coach Doug Bouma


Visiting From Afar

If you are coming from afar, check out some of the local hotels and attractions in the San Diego area. Temecula has some of the best Wineries in the entire world to visit while the kids are out playing. Play all day, then jump with us from 6 – 8 pm or until the sun goes down!

  • Every jump is an Olympic Jump! - Coach Doug    
  • Consistency builds confidence – Confidence builds consistency! - Coach Doug    
  • Now is the time to start thinking about being an Olympic athlete. If you wait and decide when you’re 25, it may be too late! - Coach Doug    
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2017 League Finals Temecula Valley High School